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Benefits cap UK roll out

The Government's controversial household benefit cap is beginning today across the country. The cap limits payments to £500 per week for a couple and lone parents and £350 per week for single adults.

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Children will 'pay the price' for benefits cap

British Children will "pay the price" for the Government's new benefits cap with parents having less to spend on food, clothes and rent, according to a children's charity.

Matthew Reed, chief executive of the Children's Society, said it was not right for the government to try and make work pay by "putting children on the breadline":

140,000 children, compared to 60,000 adults, will pay the price as parents have less to spend on food, clothing and rent.

Families, especially in London where the cap is being launched, will have their lives disrupted as they are forced to find cheaper rents in other parts of the country, resulting in children having to leave behind their schools, friends and breaking vital support networks.

– Matthew Reed, chief executive of the Children's Society,

The charity called on the government to do more to tackle sky high rents in some areas of the UK as well to make childcare affordable.

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