1. Lawrence McGinty

NHS' Dragons Den: 14 hospitals interviewed on video

Sir Bruce Keogh's NHS findings are going to be a blockbuster of a report in more ways than one.

The report is 1500 pages long, it will lead to fractious mud-slinging in the Commons tomorrow about who is to blame and now we hear that 10 of the 14 hospitals inspected also have these outside teams imposed on them.

During the process of the inspection and review that Sir Bruce Keogh conducted, they had a meeting with the whole board of each of the 14 hospitals - which they called a "risk summit".

We've learned that they were recorded on videotape, tomorrow those tapes are going to be released and that should make for some very interesting viewing.

Sir Bruce has been putting the finishing touches to some sections of his report where he has overarching thoughts about the future of the NHS.

I think we might see the beginnings of a new culture within the NHS and there will be three pillars of it, measuring performance, accountability and transparency - which is why they are releasing these videos tomorrow, a kind of medical Dragons Den.