Lord Ashdown dismisses Hammond's Trident criticism

Lord Ashdown has dismissed Defence Secretary Philip Hammond's criticism of downgrading Trident in light of a new review unveiling alternatives to the nuclear deterrent.

The former Liberal Democrat leader wrote on Twitter:


#hammond on Trident. Hmmm. No doubt he would hang on to the Dreadnoughts as well in case the Germans come out of the mist again from Jultand

He added that reducing the size of the fleet would not mean a "part-time" deterrent:


Tories: less Trident = "part time deterrents". No. The sword is still there, All the time. Just sheathed til we need it. Sensible.


Lib Dems Trident review

Britain can maintain a credible nuclear deterrent without a like-for-like replacement of its Trident submarine fleet, a review by the Liberal Democrats has concluded, putting the party at odds with their Conservative coalition partners.