Police search for missing actor Paul Bhattacharjee

Police are searching for actor Paul Bhattacharjee, last seen as he left the Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square, London, almost a week ago.

Scotland Yard said Mr Bhattacharjee texted his girlfriend at around 9pm that night, but has not been heard from since.

Paul Bhattacharjee was last seen leaving the Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square on July 10. Credit: ohan Persson/Royal Court Theatre

The 53-year-old from Redbridge, north-east London, who has starred in numerous films, including Casino Royale, was due to appear in black comedy Talk Show this week.

Police have described his disappearance as "totally out of character".

A spokesman for the Royal Court said: "He left on Wednesday in good spirits but didn't make it to rehearsals the next day."