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N Korea 'military cargo' seized

Panama's president has said that authorities have seized a North Korean ship traveling from Cuba with "undeclared military cargo."

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North Korean leaders' portraits on board seized ship

More images have been published of the North Korean cargo ship seized in Panama suspected of hiding weaponry in a shipment of sugar from Cuba.

Portraits of former leaders Kim Jong-iland Kim Il-sung are seen in one of the rooms inside the North Korean flagged ship. Credit: Reuters

Cuba said on Tuesday evening that the Chong Chon Gang ship was loaded at one of its ports with 10,000 tons of sugar and 240 tons of "obsolete defensive weaponry," according to a statement by the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

Bags labelled "Cuban Raw Sugar" are seen inside the Chong Chon Gang ship. Credit: Reuters

In a statement, which was read out on the state TV evening news, Cuba said the weaponry was all required "to maintain our defensive capacity to preserve national sovereignty."

It added: "Cuba maintains its commitment to peace including nuclear disarmament and international law."

Cuba has maintained warm relations with North Korea, including military and economic cooperation.

A long, green missile-shaped object is seen on board the ship. Credit: Reuters

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