Hoy: Froome will be 'frustrated' by doping questions

Sir Chris Hoy told ITV News Tour de France leader Chris Froome would be "frustrated" by the constant questions on doping but the recent scandal in athletics involving Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay showed the "testing procedures are working well".

He'll be frustrated by it. There's no doubt it must be incredibly frustrating. But his frustrations will be with the people who were cheating in the past not with people asking the questions, they have to ask the questions.

It's what the public want to know. They want to know is it possible? Are we looking at clean performances? Can we believe these current crop of athletes?

I like to think that with 99 per cent of them, you can. It is possible and yes there has been scandal in the last week with athletics and it is bad news for sport, for all sport but on the flip side think about the clean athletes.

At least they know they're getting the chance to compete on a level playing field, that the cheats are being caught. And it's a sign that the testing procedures are working well and there's nowhere to run - if you excuse the pun.

– Sir Chris Hoy