Stonewall: Same-sex marriage 'an historic moment'

Image of the Queen with the words 'Equal Marriage has now received Royal Assent. Thank you Ma'am'.
Stonewall released this image after the Marriage (Sam Sex Couples) Bill was granted royal assent. Credit: Twitter/@Politicana

Gay rights campaign group Stonewall heralded the Marriage (Sam Sex Couples) Bill as "an historic moment for lesbian, gay and bisexual people, their families and their friends".

After the Bill received royal assent, Stonewall released an image on Twitter with the words "Thank you Ma'am".

The group added, "This Bill will mean that, for the first time, children growing up to be gay in England and Wales will have full equality in law. We can now proudly claim to be a beacon to the world for gay equality."


Gay marriage passes into law

Gay marriage has officially become law in England and Wales.The Bill, which despite opposition was heavily backed by both MPs and peers, has finished its passage through Parliament.