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Golf Open: Day Two

The Open resumes this morning at the Muirfield golf course in Scotland. The tournament began yesterday amid a growing row about the club's policy towards women. The club is among a dwindling number that does not allow women members.

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Clegg: 'Inexplicable' Muirfield does not accept women

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said he found it "inexplicable in this day and age" that Muirfield golf club, which is holding the Open Championship, does not allow women members.

File photo of Nick Clegg. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

On his LBC 97.3 phone-in show, Mr Clegg said: "I was just dismayed and incredibly surprised to hear this still goes on in this day and age.

"I find it so out of step with everything else that's happening in the rest of society. It just seems so old fashioned and so anachronistic to just have a golf club saying that just because you are a woman you can't be a member of that club.

"I think many people will just shake their head and say 'how on earth is this still possible in this day and age?'."

He added: "I'm dismayed the club does not accept women as members. I find that inexplicable in this day and age, I really do."

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