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Detroit files for bankruptcy

The city of Detroit in the United States has become the largest American city to file for bankruptcy. It has debts of more than £11 billion.

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Michigan Senator: Detroit's bankruptcy 'saddens me'

Michigan Senator Carl Levin said the news that Detroit has filed for bankruptcy protection "saddens me, however necessary it may have been".

Senator Levin continued: “Detroit is more than a part of the state I represent in Washington. It is my lifelong home.

A row of vacant boarded up houses in a once vibrant east side neighbourhood of Detroit, Michigan. Credit: REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

"What stands out about Detroit through the centuries is its grit and resilience.

"I know firsthand, because I live in Detroit, that our city is on the rebound in some key ways, and I know deep in my heart that the people of Detroit will face this latest challenge with the same determination that we have always shown.”

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