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Rapes rise due to 'Savile effect'

The number of rapes recorded by police has risen by 2% in the past year, with the increase thought to be linked to the knock-on effect of the Jimmy Savile investigation, the ONS said.

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Why have sexual offences increased?

The number of rapes recorded by the police has risen since last year, according to the latest crime figures released by the ONS.

With the exception of "thefts from the person", all other types of victim-based crime decreased over the same period, so why have sexual offences increased?

  • There has been a 1% rise in sexual offences since last year - an additional 780 offences
  • Of those alleged offences, 289 were rapes - an increase of 2% since last year
  • The ONS said the rise was thought to be partly a "Yewtree effect"
  • It said more victims of sexual offences had come forward to report historical offences
  • Police set up Operation Yewtree to investigate allegations of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile and others
  • 450 allegations of sexual abuse have been reported against Savile alone, 31 of which are alleged rapes
  • In total, some 589 people have come forward in the investigation
  • Thirteen people have been arrested
  • The ONS said there was "a pronounced increase in crimes that occurred 20 years ago or more"
  • It said that without those historical crimes, there would have been a year-on-year fall in sexual offences.

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