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Meningitis B vaccine rejected

A vaccine that protects against a potentially deadly form of meningitis should not be offered to children in the UK, immunisation experts have said.

Meningitis B jab 'would save lives'

Meningitis charities said thousands of lives could be saved if children had access to a vaccine that was today rejected by the Government.

Sue Davie, chief executive of the Meningitis Trust and Meningitis UK, said:

This is extremely disappointing news after all our supporters and our hard work over decades to introduce a vaccine.

We understand the committee's concerns about impact and cost, but we believe this vaccine is safe and we know it will save lives.

The more we delay, the more lives are being lost.

– Sue Davie

Meningitis UK estimates that there are 1,870 cases of meningitis B each year in the UK. It says that one in 10 people affected will die.

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