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Cat allergy triggers 'uncovered'

Scientists have discovered what causes allergic reactions to cats, leading to new hopes of a preventative treatment. The charity Allergy UK suggests it could lead to treatments for dog allergies.

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Charity: Research could lead to dog allergy treatment

The Charity Allergy UK have said the research into cat allergies could be a "big step forward" in understanding allergic reactions, even suggesting the findings could lead to treatments for dog allergies.

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have discovered that a common cause of reactions is found in cat allergen.

Allergy UK's Director of Clinical Services Maureen Jenkins said:

This new information identifying the specific receptor interaction in the immune system could pave the way for treatments for those with persistent disease triggered by cat allergen and, in the future, potentially dog and house dust mite allergen.

– Maureen Jenkins, Allergy UK

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