Swedish MP flashes genitals at Instagram followers

A prominent Swedish politician was forced into a rapid U-turn after he accidentally posted an image of his genitals on photo-sharing website Instagram.

Lars Ohly, who was intending to share a photo of a new Liverpool FC tattoo on his leg, failed to notice that his penis was visible in the background.

The 56-year-old quickly removed the revealing snap, but not before his oversight had been spotted by social media users.

Lars Ohly's Instagram photo revealed more than the MP had intended Credit: REUTERS/Bob Strong

Despite facing a barrage of ridicule, former Left Party leader Ohly made light of the potential political crisis.

He tweeted: "Ha, ha, I accidentally posted a picture on Instagram that showed more than intended. Now corrected".

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, of the rival Moderate Party, joked: "Congratulations - finally, after all these years you have made a genuine public breakthrough."

Ohly has vowed to follow "a more thorough uploading review process" in the future.