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Warnings over Arctic drilling

The Government has been accused of "complacently standing by" while oil and gas drilling starts in the Arctic despite the risks to the environment and climate.

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Greenpeace: Government's Arctic policy is 'reckless'

The Government's Arctic policy is both reckless and internally inconsistent, the political director of Greenpeace UK said today, after a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned drilling in the area could cause "dangerous" climate change.

Ruth Davis said:

Drilling for oil in the Arctic is incompatible with the UK's climate change goals and creates unmanageable risks to a unique and vulnerable ecosystem.

Whilst the Government claims that protecting this pristine environment is central to the UK's stance on the Arctic, its failure to face up to the dangers of drilling in the far north suggests its real interests lie in promoting the irresponsible plans of companies like Shell.

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