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Lads' mags cover ultimatum

The Co-operative has given publishers of lads' magazines an ultimatum to cover them up in "modesty bags" or face having them removed from shelves across 4,000 stores.

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Should lads' mags be covered up?

The Co-operative supermarket's threat to pull lads' magazines from the shelves if they don't "cover up" has sparked a fierce debate on the ITV News Facebook page.

Many disagree with the Co-op's stance, such as Jan McCluskey, who says:

We are becoming a nanny state. I'm sure kids see worse than this on the beach.

Anita Johnson thinks TV is a worse offender than magazines:

They are on the top shelf away from young kids. Maybe they should target the rubbish that's on TV which is far worse and in kids' viewing hours.

However, mum Kelly Gillam believes the publications should not be seen by children:

They are not all on the top shelf, in our local shop you walk in and my six-year old gets a face full! There is a time and place for stuff like this and it's not while I'm buying Moshi Monsters magazine or CBeebies.

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