British Gas owner Centrica due to announce profits

British Gas owner Centrica will today reveal how much it profited from the cold weather after it raised energy prices just before the onset of a severe winter freeze.

Centrica has already revealed that it saw residential gas consumption soar by 18 percent over the first four months of this year amid plunging temperatures.

File photo of a British gas bill behind a burning hob.
British Gas owner Centrica will reveal its profits later today. Credit: Press Association Images

The company increased its tariffs by six percent in December.

It comes a day after French-owned energy firm EDF said its profits had risen to a record £903 million in the wake of the cold spell.


British Gas profits up 3.2%

British Gas' residential business increased profits by 3.2% to £356 million in the first half of the year, parent company Centrica has announced.