Liverpool 'educate' staff with foul-mouthed handbook

Liverpool said the handbook will help to "ensure Anfield is free from all forms of discrimination". Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Archive

Liverpool have reportedly issued their club staff with a foul-mouthed guide, including incendiary racist and homophobic words, in a bid to better police unacceptable language on matchdays.

The handbook apparently also advises against employees referring to female fans as a "queen" or "princess" or urging anyone visiting Anfield to "man up".

The Merseyside club said they wanted to educate staff about offensive terms concerning religion, race, sexual orientation and gender.

The guide will not be issued to the players or coaching staff, though.

The Reds were widely condemned for their defence of Luis Suarez before he received an eight-game ban and £40,000 fine for racially abusing Manchester United's Patrice Evra in 2011.