Vaz asks Met Police if interested in 'hacking list' firms

Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz has written to the Met Police's Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick to ask if the force has any further interest in the companies on a list of names linked to rogue private investigators.

He has asked Ms Dick, as well as the Information Commissioner's Office, to confirm when the public will be able to see those names, whose identities are currently being protect at the behest of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca.)

Chairman Keith Vaz said the Home Affairs Select Committee 'remains concerned' Credit: Simon Galloway/EMPICS Sport

The list, which was created by Soca, was passed to the Home Affairs Select Committee on strict confidentiality grounds - prompting Mr Vaz to demand an explanation as to why it should be kept secret.

It breaks down firms that featured in evidence in prosecutions of Operation Millipede, the Soca investigation that led to the conviction of private detectives for fraud, as well as firms that were relevant to the inquiry but not used in evidence.