Met police clarify access to hack operational info

The Metropolitan Police had full access to all material relating to the Serious Organised Crime Agency's (Soca's) investigation into blagging of private details, which led to the jailing of four private investigators, the agency said.

A spokesman for the Met confirmed detectives received all of Soca's information from Operation Millipede between May and December 2011, but said:

This was essentially huge quantities of electronic data, the hard drives of which were supplied to the MPS.

This material was only put into list format for the Home Affairs Select Committee, and the MPS only provided with the information in that format on July 30.

The statement from the Met added:

In common with Soca, the MPS is not alleging that the individuals or companies on the list have, or even may have, committed a criminal offence.

The MPS is checking the list against its open investigations and will inform the committee when this is complete.