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Presenter sent bomb hoax tweet

TV presenter Mary Beard has revealed she was sent a bomb threat hours after the head of Twitter UK, Tony Wang, offered a personal apology to women who have experienced abuse on the social messaging site.

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Your views: Is #twittersilence the best way to protest?

We asked ITV News' Facebook followers what they thought about today's boycott protest of Twitter as a protest against the recent spate of online abuse against several high profile women. Here is a selection of the responses:

One of my friends was one threatened with rape on Twitter. The Police need to crack down on these cowards and never allow [them] access to social media.

– Debbie Cressey, writing on Facebook

Trolls use words of hate. We don't need to shut up, we need to ignore them and speak louder than they can. Women have had enough of being sexualised and discriminated against.

They are just standing up for what the believe in. I just don't think it was the best cause of action to take.

– Becky Lucox, via email

No. It's stupid. So victims of bullying should shut up should they? Caitlin Moran has got everything wrong. Trolls are pathetic but this is giving them the attention they crave.

– Anna Nicholls, writing on Facebook

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