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Mums 'feel work discrimination'

At least 25 percent of working mothers feel discriminated against in the work place while pregnant or after returning to their job, research has found.

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Working mothers feel they have to 'prove themselves'

One in five mothers returning to work in the UK after maternity leave feel they need to “prove themselves” to their bosses, despite already working for their employers for some time, a new report found.

The data, put together by law firm Slater & Gordon, found more than one in four women felt discriminated against in the work place after having a child.

Despite the equality legislation in place, attitudes and working practices continue to block women in achieving their career aspirations in the UK.

This report shows that there are still negative perceptions of women with children and this kind of attitude is short-sighted and bad for business.

Anecdotally, we hear of mothers complaining about being put on a "mummy track" when back at work, and this research illustrates that this is a real experience for many women.

– Kiran Daurka of Slater & Gordon

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