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Oprah Winfrey racism claim

US talk show host Oprah Winfrey has said a shop attendant refused to serve her during a recent trip to Switzerland in what she has said was an act of racism.

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Oprah row shop owner: 'This is a misunderstanding'

The luxury shop Trois Pommes has denied discriminating against Oprah Winfrey, who asked to look at a "Jennifer" purse, designed by Tom Ford and named for actress Jennifer Anison.

The owner put the incident down to a language barrier. "This is an absolute classic misunderstanding," shop owner Trudie Goetz told Reuters.

The sales assistant wanted to show Winfrey that the purse was also available in other materials, which may have given the TV host the impression the shop didn't want to sell her the purse, Goetz said.

"Of course that's not the case. Who wouldn't want to sell a purse for 35,000 francs?" Goetz said.

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