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FA back winter Qatar World Cup

The Football Association believes it is impossible to play the 2022 World Cup in Qatar during the summer, the governing body's new chairman Greg Dyke has said. Premier League head Richard Scudamore said moving the event would "cause chaos".

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Moving Qatar World Cup would 'cause chaos'

Richard Scudamore, Chief Executive of Premier League Credit: Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport

Richard Scudamore, the Chief Executive of Premier League has told the Daily Telegraph that Fifa's plans to move the World Cup in Qatar would cause chaos.

The tournament is meant to take place in June/July 2022 when the average temperature in the country is around 50 degrees or 122 fahrenheit.

The Premier League believes moving the tournament would "cause chaos" with the domestic features in 2021 and 2022.

It would also reduce the ability of the Premier League to negotiate rights access with major broadcasters which would ultimately reduce the amount of sponsorship money being sent to clubs.

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