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FA back winter Qatar World Cup

The Football Association believes it is impossible to play the 2022 World Cup in Qatar during the summer, the governing body's new chairman Greg Dyke has said. Premier League head Richard Scudamore said moving the event would "cause chaos".

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Qatar hits back at calls to move World Cup elsewhere

Organisers of the 2022 Qatar World Cup hit back at the Football Association's suggestion of moving the tournament to another country.

The FA says it will be too hot for players and fans if the tournament took place in Qatar during the summer.

Chairman of the FA, Greg Dyke, has said in an interview that air conditioning will not be enough. He is calling for FIFA to move the 2022 World Cup to a new location or to a different time of year.

The Qataris say they are ready to host whether it is summer or winter.

Football is the most popular sport in the Middle East and the people of our region deserve the opportunity to have history made in their part of the world.

– Qatar World Cup's supreme committee

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