Anger as Thames Water announces surcharge plans

Plans for Thames Water to charge their customers a one-off surcharge of approximately £29 have been greeted with anger on social media site Twitter.


Surely risk of Thames Water's "unforeseen circumstances" belongs to its shareholders, not its customers? Cut dividends, don't hike bills!


Let's be clear, Thames Water. I pay my bill. others don't, so I have to pay again. And if I refuse to pay I am cut off. OK, perfectly fair.


Dear @thameswater , please hire someone like myself to go over your accounts, you can easily raise the money without raising your bills!


Thames Water defends bill rise

Thames Water has written to the industry regulator Ofwat to ask permission to charge customers an addition one-off fee of about £29 per household. The firm, which made £150m profit last year, has blamed "unquantifiable" costs.