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UK considers Spain legal action

The Government is "carefully considering" the possibility of legal action against Spain over the imposition of additional border checks on Gibraltar.

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Boris Johnson hits out at Spain for 'choking' Gibraltar

London mayor Boris Johnson has said the deployment of a British naval task force to the Mediterranean should send a clear signal to Spain, while accusing Madrid of reverting to the blockade tactics of the Franco era.

Perhaps it really is a coincidence - as the Foreign Office claims - that we have just sent a fleet of warships to Gibraltar.

Maybe it's just a fluke that HMS Illustrious is about to bristle into view on the southern coast of Spain, complete with thousands of Royal Marines and other elite commando units.

But I hope not. I hope that one way or another we will shortly prise Spanish hands off the throat of our colony, because what is now taking place is infamous.

– Boris Johnson, writing in the Daily Telegraph

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