One in six not confident future NHS needs will be met

A survey of 1,000 patients, conducted on behalf of accountancy firm KPMG, reveals concerns about the NHS' capabilities to provide long-term healthcare in the future.

  • 82 percent believe the Government should pay for long-term care.
  • 54.4% agree that taxes have to increase to ensure long-term healthcare needs are met.
  • Around one in six (16.4%) are not confident that the NHS would be able to meet their needs in the future.
  • Only 12% said they were 'very confident' that it could meet their long-term healthcare needs.
  • One in 10 patients believe they will have to pay for their healthcare in the future.


'Taxes should rise for NHS care'

More than half of patients believe taxes should rise to ensure the NHS can continue to provide healthcare in the long term, a survey suggests.