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Olinguito named as new species

A new species of animal, the woolly-furred olinguito, has been named as a new species after being wrongly identified for more than 100 years. It lives in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador, the Smithsonian Institute announced today.

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Olinguito first New World carnivore identified in 35 years

The newly-named olinguito has become the first New World carnivore to be identified in 35 years.

For more than a century the olinguito, also known as Bassaricyon neblina, was mistaken for its larger close cousin the olingo.

The olinguito lives in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador. Credit: Mark Gurney/Smithsonion Institute/PA Wire

But following a 10 year research project examining the skull, teeth and skin of museum specimens and tracking the animals in the wild, scientists at the Smithsonian Institute confirmed it is a different species.

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