University students to organise start-up in a brewery

Newcastle University is to set up the country's first student-run brewery in a bid to teach entrepreneurial skills and improve the institution's green credentials.

Students will take charge of all aspects of the production from the growth of ingredients to the bottling and marketing of the finished product.

Students will be responsible for every aspect of the brewery, from growing ingredients to marketing Credit: Jacob Ehrbahn/Polfoto/Press Association Images

The microbrewery - dubbed 'Stu Brew' - is to be set up in a disused barn in the coming weeks and will use ingredients grown in the university's community allotments.

Bob Milan, manager of the NUSU community action projects, said: "This is a first for all of us involved so we don't know yet what our beer will turn out like but we're determined it will be good and made with the very best ingredients and a lot of enthusiasm."

The first samples are due for taste-testing in the New Year.