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Pickles: Streets 'bin-blighted'

British streets are "bin-blighted" according to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, and guidance will be published by his department recommending new homes have storage areas for wheelie bins and recycling boxes built into them.

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New bin guidelines 'obvious' say Labour

Guidelines on wheelie bin and recycling box storage are "obvious" and do not solve a "much bigger problem" of house building levels, said Shadow Communities Secretary Hilary Benn.

Of course new homes should build in bin storage space, but a much bigger problem is that Eric Pickles has presided over the lowest level of house building since the 1920s.

Rather than giving obvious advice to housebuilders, Eric Pickles would do better to explain why he spent an eye-watering quarter of a billion pounds on a failed scheme to persuade councils to change their bin collection arrangements that resulted in just one council changing their policy.

– Hilary Benn Shadow Communities Secretary

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