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Pickles: Streets 'bin-blighted'

British streets are "bin-blighted" according to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, and guidance will be published by his department recommending new homes have storage areas for wheelie bins and recycling boxes built into them.

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Pickles: Current bin policies 'barmy'

Existing bin polices are "barmy" according to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.

In the run up to new guidance published next week on where to put wheelie bins and recycling boxes, Mr Pickles said:

This Government is standing up for hard-working people and getting rid of barmy bin policies which made families' lives hell. I want to make sure families get a proper rubbish and recycling collection service for the large amount of money they have to pay in council tax.

For years, badly-placed wheelie bins and the proliferation of multiple bins have created a blot on the landscape....By ensuring that developers create appropriate waste storage areas when designing new homes, we can tackle the ghastly gauntlet of bin blighted streets and driveways.

– Eric Pickles Communities Secretary

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