Your views: Are Britain's streets 'bin-blighted'?

We asked you how many bins you had on your street and if it is too many:

  • Donna Robert: we have one black bin, a green bag for paper, a white bag for plastic/cartons, a green box for glass/cardboard and a black food bin. Don't mind recycling but we've no where to put all these bags and boxes!
  • Jo Rowley: We have four bins, one for recycling, one for food waste, one for stuff that can't be recycled and one for grass cuttings/weeds and a bag for batteries and electrical waste, that's a lot of sorting!
  • Anita Johnson: We have a compost bin for food/garden, recycling bags, one for paper the other for plastics/tins then a black bin for everything else. Collections are weekly alternating. Works fine.

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Pickles: Streets 'bin-blighted'

British streets are "bin-blighted" according to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, and guidance will be published by his department recommending new homes have storage areas for wheelie bins and recycling boxes built into them.