Third of Brits pack their favourite foods for holidays

Roughly a third of British travellers take their own food away with them.

As many as 35% of tourists said they had packed food when they travelled on their last trip overseas, a survey by online travel agency found.

The most popular reason for taking food away on holiday was to save money, followed by admissions of being fussy eaters or not finding the fare they liked.

What do you pack? Credit: Roland Weihrauch/DPA/Press Association Images

Some travelled with treats as they knew they would crave them if they did not take them. Others said they took food for their children while others had special dietary requirements.

Cereal and bread topped the list of food taken away on trips, followed by chocolate, crisps, pasta and tea bags. Other items included biscuits and tinned food. Only 21% of those who admitted taking food away with them were on self-catering breaks.

A total of 1,996 people aged 18 and over from around the UK were questioned. Each had been on holiday abroad in the past 12 months.