TUC: Pensions changes will 'leave millions worse off'

Millions of people will be worse off as a result of changes to the second state pension by the government, according to a TUC report.

It says anyone with a long work history will lose out under the single tier pension, which comes into effect in 2016, when the second state pension will be abolished.

Around 20 million workers, mainly employed in private firms, are currently contracted into the state second pension, which was introduced in 2003 to help low earners.

The union organisation said low earners in their 30s will get around £30 a week less than they would under the current arrangements.

Losses will increase over time, with an average earner retiring in the late 2040s set to be around £40 a week worse off, said the report.

The TUC added that it supported the single tier pension in principle but believed that the initial rate of £144 a week was far too low.