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Bo claims wife 'always lies'

Ousted Chinese politician Bo Xilai has claimed his wife Gu Kailai is 'mad' and 'always tells lies' during his trial on charges of bribery, corruption and abuse of power.

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  1. Angus Walker

Bo Xilai claims his wife is 'mad' and 'always tells lies'

At the Bo Xilai trial there are claims that Neil Heywood angrily demanded £1.4 million compensation when a property deal went sour.

Bo Xilai has claimed his wife is mad. Credit: RTV

There have been claims about the British businessman throughout the trial but no one is in court defending Mr Heywood - the real victim.

Bo also hit back at his wife's evidence, accusing her of being "mad" and under pressure.

He said: "She has changed. She is mad and always tells lies".

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