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Syria group 'hacks' US websites

The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed it is responsible for disrupting the New York Times' website and that it took over the domains of Twitter and the Huffington Post UK. All websites confirmed there was an attack.

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New York Times calls website hack attack 'a big deal'

The New York Times called the attack on its website "a big deal" after a group claiming to be the Syrian Electronic Army caused disruption.

Marc Frons, chief information officer for The New York Times Company, said: “In terms of the sophistication of the attack, this is a big deal.

The New York Times' website was attacked by a group claiming to be the Syrian Electronic Army. Credit: The New York Times

“It’s sort of like breaking into the local savings and loan versus breaking into Fort Knox.

"A domain registrar should have extremely tight security because they are holding the security to hundreds if not thousands of websites.”

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