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UK to ask UN to back Syria action

The UK is to put a draft resolution to the UN Security Council later "authorising necessary measures to protect civilians" in Syria, David Cameron said. But an ITV News poll appears to show the public is evenly divided on taking military intervention

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Public evenly split on military intervention in Syria

The British public is evenly divided on whether to take military intervention in Syria, according to an ITV News poll carried out by ComRes.

The poll found 35% agree and 35% disagree that foreign governments should not intervene in the country in the wake of the claimed chemical attacks by the Assad regime.

Nearly half of Britons (45%) agree that world leaders must help Syrian civilians under attack.

But two fifths (40%) do not want to see British ground troops in Syria if the gas attack is proven to have been the work of the Assad regime, compared to 30% who would support the use of troops.

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