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Oliver praises immigrant staff

TV chef Jamie Oliver has praised European immigrants saying they are much "tougher" workers than the "wet behind the ears" young Brits. He told Good Housekeeping magazine that his restaurants would shut immediately if he only had British staff.

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Your views: Oliver claims immigrants are better workers

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver said European immigrants are much "tougher" workers than the "wet behind the ears" young Britons. We asked on our Facebook page whether you agreed with his comments, here is a selection of your answers:

I've worked in nursing homes for the past 10 years, working 70hrs-90hrs per week. The only other people that did that was the Filipina girls. Polish people in factories work more hours for a small hourly pay.

I don't like the fact our country is being overtaken but they take the jobs some people won't consider. I was happy to work on a minimum wage even as a single mother.

– Amanda Davis

I'm 19, work full-time, support my daughter and partner and don't claim one benefit - the only person 'wet behind their ears' is him.

It's people like him who shun this country and population into a downward spiral making people worthless. This man is not a leader or someone to listen to. A leader inspires people to be leaders not put them down.

– Jack Neale

He's an employer so he's at least in a position to judge. It's not a comfortable fact but a good proportion of Brits have been found out as mollycoddled and content to sit back and let others carry them.

These immigrants don't have the welfare safety net in their countries and if they don't work they don't eat.

– Doug Johnson

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