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PM still argues for Syria action

David Cameron has said he will continue to argue for a "robust response" to the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons even though British military action had been ruled out after MPs voted against the principle of intervention.

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Govt source's fury at 'copper-bottomed s--t' Miliband

A Government source was allegedly furious with Ed Miliband after the Labour leader scuppered David Cameron's plans to vote on Syria military intervention in Parliament today, The Times reports (£).

A Government source was reportedly furious with Ed Miliband. Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

The Prime Minister was told by Mr Miliband yesterday afternoon that his party would not back a Commons vote allowing British submarines to fire rockets at military targets in Syria.

The Labour leader said the country should not make a hasty decision in rushing into the conflict and would not support any vote before UN weapons inspectors in Damascus had presented their findings.

A Government source was reportedly angry with Mr Miliband, telling the newspaper: "No 10 and the Foreign Office think Miliband is a f-----g c--t and a copper-bottomed s--t.

"The French hate him now and he’s got no chance of building an alliance with the US Democratic Party."

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