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Blueberries 'cut diabetes risk'

Three servings of blueberries a week can help prevent Type 2 diabetes by 26%, according to research by the Harvard School of Public Health. But it also claims drinking fruit juice increased the risk by 8%.

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Diabetes UK: Blueberries survey 'unreliable'

Researching suggesting a link between the number of whole fruits eaten and lowering your risk of Diabetes has been largely criticised by Diabetes UK.

While Dr Matthew Hobbs welcomed findings proving eating plenty of fruit reduced the risk of diabetes, he criticised the way research was conducted.

This research provides further evidence that eating plenty of whole fruit is a key part of the balanced diet that will help you to achieve a healthy weight and so minimise your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

However, the associations between type 2 diabetes and specific types or fruit or fruit drinks must be treated with much more caution....

This type of survey can often be unreliable as people are more likely to remember certain types of food....

For a number of fruits, including blueberries, the numbers were not big enough to allow the researchers to correct their findings in this way.

– Dr Matthew Hobbs, head of research for Diabetes UK

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