New York subway closes for kitten search

A catastrophe was averted on the New York subway when the service was shut down so that two kittens who had wandered onto the tracks could be rescued.

Commuters using the Q and B lines in Brooklyn at around 11am on Thursday faced two-hour delays, which were initially explained as "ongoing NYPD activity".

It transpired that train workers were on the tracks looking for the kittens and trying to coax them to safety with food, the New York Times reported.

Subway staff disabled tracks to prevent two kittens being electrocuted. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA

Staff had been alerted to the creatures' predicament by their owner, who had managed to lose the pets at Church Avenue station during a subway ride.

The service was resumed just after 1pm following the "escape" of the felines, who were eventually found safe and well yesterday evening, although possibly with just eight lives remaining.