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PM still argues for Syria action

David Cameron has said he will continue to argue for a "robust response" to the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons even though British military action had been ruled out after MPs voted against the principle of intervention.

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Miliband: Britain can still make a difference in Syria

Britain can still make a difference in Syria, Labour leader Ed Miliband wrote today after he voted against the Government's motion on the principle of military intervention in the country.

Writing in the Guardian, Mr Miliband said the UK's global position lies in a "hard-headed multilateralism".

Labour party leader Ed Miliband speaks during a debate on Syria in the House of Commons Credit: PA

He added: "We must use next week's G20 meeting in Russia, with the eyes of the world on Syria, to seek to bring the international community together, and force the warring parties into the political solution that is necessary.

"But the vote remains an important moment: for parliament, for the country and for Britain's relations with the world.

"This moment also gives us the opportunity to learn the right lessons for the conduct of foreign policy across all parties".

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