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UK 'hub' for 'legal high' sites

The UK has been labelled as the "addiction capital" of Europe, according to a new report by the Centre of Social Justice. The report, No Quick Fix, suggests the UK has become a hub for websites peddling dangerous ‘legal highs'.

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Key statistics over UK alcohol and drug use

The Centre of Social Justice has criticised the government for what it calls an "inadequate response to heroin addiction" in the UK, after it published a new report suggesting that the UK has some of the highest rates of opiate addiction and dependence on alcohol.

According to the report:

  • Alcohol and drug abuse costs the UK £21 billion and £15 billion respectively
  • 40,000 drug addicts in England have been stranded on the substitute methadone
  • Rate of alcohol-related hospital admissions in England doubles in a decade
  • One in 12 young people between the ages of 15 and 24 in the UK - more than 670,000 - said they have taken "legal highs" or new psychoactive substances (NPS)
  • In England 6,486 people were treated in 2011/12 for abusing these types of drugs, an increase of 39% since 2005/06
  • Figures revealed deaths involving "legal highs" in England and Wales increased from 29 in 2011 to 52 last year

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