9 inch double yellow lines thought to be UK's smallest

There may be a move towards smaller cars, but you would struggle to find a vehicle small enough to park on what is likely to be the shortest double yellow lines in the UK.

The nine-inch long double yellow lines are thought to be the shortest in the UK. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Measuring just over nine inches long, the lines are in Caxton Street, Westminster, central London, between a taxi rank and some parking bays.

A toy car illustrates what could be the smallest double yellow lines restricted parking space in the UK. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Leith Penny, Westminster City Council's strategic director for city management, said: "This was a mistake by a contractor. We are obviously not happy about it, because double yellow lines should play an important part in traffic management and road safety.

"But on this occasion we can see how absurd this looks and we will make sure it is corrected."