Think-tank criticises government over tackling drug use

A major new report over the UK's drug and alcohol use shows the "stark reality" of addiction, the chairwoman of the Centre of Social Justice review said today.

Noreen Oliver added:

Despite some slow progress in this last three years, much more needs to be done to tackle the root causes of addiction so that people have a better chance of breaking free.

Alcohol is taking an increasing toll across all services in the UK and new emerging drugs are causing more harm - all the while funding to rehabilitation centres is being dramatically cut and methadone prescribing is being protected.


UK 'hub' for 'legal high' sites

The UK has been labelled as the "addiction capital" of Europe, according to a new report by the Centre of Social Justice. The report, No Quick Fix, suggests the UK has become a hub for websites peddling dangerous ‘legal highs'.