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Auschwitz guards face charges

German justice officials have recommended that 30 alleged former Auschwitz guards should face charges over Nazi war crimes, despite no direct evidence of knowledge or involvement in the atrocities.

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Charges recommended for 30 former Auschwitz guards

The Special German prosecutors' office that investigates Nazi war crimes is recommending pursuing charges against 30 alleged former Auschwitz guards, according to justice officials.

Prosecutors investigated 50 former guards and decided pursue 30 cases, the Baden-Wuerttemberg Justice Ministry said.

Electric barbed wire fence at Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland.

Renewed investigations of death camp guards come after the case of John Demjanjuk, who died last year while appealing his 2011 conviction on allegations he served in Sobibor.

His case established that death camp guards could be convicted as accessories to murder, even where there was no specific evidence of atrocities against them.

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