Assad adviser blames al-Qaeda for 'chemical attack'

In interviews with British broadcasters, an adviser to President Assad has blamed al-Qaeda for chemical weapon attacks and accused President Obama of lying about the situation in Syria.

Bouthania Shaaban, envoy of Assad, pictured in Beijing in August 2012. Credit: Reuters

Bouthaina Shaaban claimed that al-Qaeda was behind the use of chemical weapons, telling Channel 4 News: "Those who are killing the Syrian people, raping women, kidnapping Christian clerics, those are not opposition, those are al Qaeda."

Shaaban has also spoken to Sky News where she accused President Obama of using "lies" to justify military action and compared the situation to Iraq:

"They claim to want to be targeting weapons in exactly the same way they claimed to be targeting weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

"They are using the same lies, the same fabrications, the same claims, in order to target our country and our people."