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French voters split over Syria

French voters appear to be split over military intervention in Syria as the country's politicians debate the issue, according to a new poll. But a different survey suggest that 74 per cent want President Hollande to allow MPs a vote on action.

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French 'most likely to back military intervention in Syria'

A new poll conducted by ComRes for CNN across France, Germany and the UK has revealed a lack of enthusiasm for military intervention in Syria.

Overall, French respondents were more likely to back a strike, but the poll revealed some conflicting views:

  • 32% of French, 20% of German and 16% of UK respondents backed military action
  • 52% of Germans, 36% of French and 23% of UK respondents think intervention would help regime change
  • 39% of UK, 50% of German and 47% of French respondents said military action would prevent future chemical weapons use
  • 30% of UK respondents favoured doing nothing, as did 27% of French people and 22% of Germans.

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