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Union: No fuss over Labour funds

The GMB union general secretary Paul Kenny has said he "can't understand what all the fuss is about" after the union decided to cut funds to Labour. He met party leader Ed Miliband in a meeting arranged before the news broke yesterday.

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Labour 'confident' of party membership amid policy row

Shadow Treasury secretary Rachel Reeves said she was "confident" more trade union members would sign up to the party when automatic affiliation is stopped.

"Of course we welcome the support that we get from the trade unions but this is a decision for the GMB," she told BBC Radio 4's Today.

"Since the last general election, membership in my constituency party in Leeds West has increased by 50 per cent. We've got more members, more trade union activists getting involved in the party because they like what Ed Miliband has to say.

"So I am confident that more people will sign up, get involved in the Labour Party, and come out campaigning. But that openness and transparency is really important and that is what Ed is trying to do."

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