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Kent pile-up crossing reopens

Police have re-opened the A249 in Kent after about 130 vehicles were involved in a pile-up in misty conditions on the New Sheppey Crossing bridge - the largest ever fog-related crash in Britain. Eight people were seriously injured.

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Drivers may have to pay up to £300 after Kent pile-up

Drivers involved in a massive pile-up on the Sheppey crossing in Kent are likely to be out of pocket as they faced paying the first £200 to £300 in accident claims, the president of AA said today.

Edmund King suggested that "stupid driving" from some, who could well have been travelling far too close to the vehicle in front and not using their fog lights, was a potential cause.

It's really bad to travel too close to the car in front in good conditions and if you do it in foggy conditions it's an absolute recipe for disaster. In dense fog you cannot see the brake lights ahead. By law, you don't have to have fog lights on, although it's recommended.

Many people could be out of pocket following the accident as their insurance policies could require them to pay the first £200 to £300 of a claim for a shunt-like crash.

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